From Love to Hate

  • I'm pretty sure everyone here has had a genre that they used to love but that they slowly fell out of love with. Maybe you no longer have friends to play that fighting game with and have developed resentment for the genre, or maybe you simply gotten sick of a certain formula and started hating on it.

    Excluding those genres that you actually still like but just no longer happen to play.... I'd like to know what genre of game have you openly flipped your opinion on enjoying, and as always, I'd love to know why.

  • I don't hate any videogame genre, but I have grown tired of circuit-based "sim" racers. I used to like FORZA Motorsport a lot especially FM3 and FM4, but I think FM5 started to make me see how repetitive and dull circuit racing is in those games. You wonder why we haven't seen an FM game in 5 years-it's probably because fans have grown tired of the series. FORZA Horizon meanwhile, continues to flourish and it must be the most beloved racing game franchise ever-well either FORZA Horizon or Gran Turismo.

  • @jdincinerator
    I can kinda agree and disagree.

    On the one hand circuit racers that use fictional cities, places, events, circuits. Are better as you can design each track around making an exciting race (Split/Second, Burnout) but making open world racers also run into the issue of having to design a world you can race in but not get boring. For instance Burnout Paradise gets pretty boring once you realize the start and end of every race is just some combination 8 or so starting/ ending spots they get pretty boring, especially if you've played enough to memorize the fastest route to every location.

    On the other, All the circuits feel like they're shared between every game. Like I'm fairly certain the few mainline GT games and Forza titles have shared at least half the tracks featured in both. Which can get a bit boring after awhile.

    Is there a solution, maybe but I'm too exhausted atm to think much more

  • I originally didn't think I had one to be honest but the more I think about it, I think I have to say fighting games. I did play a fair bit of Tekken, Dead or Alive and Soul Calibur with my friends at high school which I obviously no longer do, but I also put a fair amount of time into them at home by myself, going though all the story modes and unlocking everything etc.
    I don't think I can stomach spending much more than 15 minutes playing this genre now though. the last I played though was Injustice, but that was some time back and I can't say I really had any fun in doing so, I honestly think I was just playing it for the cutscenes.

    I was never a huge fan of them, but this is definitely a genre that I once enjoyed to a certain degree but can now safely say that I no longer enjoy at all.

  • Online multiplayer shooters.

    In recent years I also don't play fighting games as much as I used to. I still think it's a great genre and I still enjoy them when I played them but I don't feel motivated to play them. I prefer more story focussed games these days I guess. I played only about 2 hours of KOF XV and Guilty Gear Strive despite enjoying both games.

  • @jdincinerator

    Circuit racing games got a bit stale because they became less video-gamey. GT Sport is an amazing game, but it lost touch of the little Racing RPG intricacies that made people love the series. It also stuck to IRL tracks and abandoned the imaginative fictional tracks from the past.

    FH7 had a lot of these really fun fictional tracks like Prague, but then it chose to abandon growth with the times and felt a bit too dated compared to GT Sport.

    Now, I feel like we're in a pretty good place with GT7 bringing a lot of that fun back into the series. We those fictional fun circuits like Trial Mountain while still having that authentic race-day competitive "sport" mode that I also love.

    I think Forza 8 (or reboot, whatever they call it) will be amped up to 11 with an insane amount of content from zany race tracks to real ones to supercars to shitmobiles. I also think they've had a lot of time to catch up and make the series modern with a proper penalty system and realistic physics for online competition.

    But I do agree that a lot of the novelty of circuit racing games wore off after our jaws fell to the floor in the HD-era. Once you get used to that graphical fidelity, you kinda just want more meat on the bone.

  • While not a genre but I start to dislike collectors editions. They just take up way too much space. Im actually going to sell all my collector edition and replace them with normal.

  • reverse. was not into survival horror. now I absolutely love them.