Trophies & Achievements

  • A place for the trophy talk and achievements, too.

    Feel free to tell about your latest endeavours with these game culture artifacts: boast, ask for help, curse the hard ones or smile at the odd ones.

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    I decided to make this kind of a general thread for the topic when I just got my 77th platinum trophy in Jak & Daxter on PS4. One of my favourite games, and a super easy platinum: just do everything. I like trophies. :)

  • I have been gaming since 1989 and I have zero platinum trophies! I think that's an achievement...

  • This is a great idea for a topic.

    The last platinum I got was for Downwell, 2 months ago. Pretty happy with that one as there is a decent bit of skill involved to get it.

    I haven't had any major urge to platinum something right now but I'll be interested in The Lost Legacy once I complete 1 run of it.

    I suppose I am a little tempted to go back and play Hellblade. For one I really like it but also it has a really easy Platinum trophy. Pretty much all of the trophies you acquire are gold and silver and only 1 is missable.

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    Soon, I add another! Love the series this much

  • Here's the PSN account I use to play with my PS3 (alongside with my younger brother and my mom (yes, really), though I haven't been active with it in a long while. I have my own personal PSN account as well, which is jipostus (not big surprise), but I'm even less active with that.
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    But then, I have my Steam account (which is jipostus, shocking, I know)... and that's a where I'm constantly, and here's the showcase for that:
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    Though I do like achievements, I don't see myself much of a achievement hunter. But I do like showing off some of my rared achievements :D

  • A long time ago, I was in a discussion about what specific accomplishments I was proud of on my respective game profiles, so I'll list each here. This is going to be waaaay, WAAAAAAY, WWWWWWAAAAAAYYYYY too long to include my brief sentence per entry about why I hold each of these in high regard, so I'll just put the series, and all of the trophies/achievements that I'm happy/proud/oh-my-god-why-did-I-waste-my-life to have. (Please keep in mind that unless annotated, I did all of these by myself. Anything capitalized and bolded had someone present helping me.)

    PLEASE just browse the games you're interested in if you like. APOLOGIES to everyone for what I'm pretty sure is close to the longest post in the entire forum (Don't visit many subforums, so I'm sure this is false). I couldn't parse it down anymore (Yes, there was more) without feeling like I was doing an injustice.

    Borderlands Series

    • Borderlands
      You're on a Boat! (15G) - Find the secret boat
      VINCIBLE (50G) - Kill Crawmerax
      The Lubricator (10G) - Find 25 Oil Cans in the Robolution DLC
      Bobble-Trap (10G) - Find 10 Clap-Trap Bobble-heads in the Robolution DLC
      What a Party! (30G) - FInd 3 Panties, 5 Fish-in-a-bag, and 15 slices of Pizza in the Robolution DLC
      HELL-BURBIA (25G) - Complete the large challenge in the Hell-Burbia coliseum

    • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
      The Bigger They Are (50G) - Defeat the Invincible Empyrean Sentinel
      Shadow of Your Former Self (25G) - Defeat 5H4D0W-TP

    • Borderlands 2
      An Angel's Wish (25G) - Complete the Mission "Where Angels Fear to Tread"
      Make it Raaaaaid (50G) - Vanquished the Ancient Dragons of Destruction
      Thresher Thrased (30G) - Defeat Terramorphus the Invincible

    Modern Warfare series

    • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
      Ghillies in the Mist (20G) - Complete All Ghillied Up without alerting anyone
      New Squadron Record (20G) - Complete the mockup in less than 20 seconds
      Deep and Hard (90G) - Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran
      Mile High Club (20G) - Complete the Epilogue on Veteran

    • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
      Ghost (10G) - Plant the C4 in "Cliffhanger" without alerting anyone or injuring anyone in the blizzard
      Pit Boss (10G) - Run the pit in S.S.D.D. in under 30 seconds
      The Price of War (90G) - Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran

    • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
      The Best of the Best (100G) - Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran
      To Jugger or to Jugger-Naut (25G) - Kill every Juggernaut after they land on Veteran in the "Vertigo" Spec-Ops mission
      Ice In Your Veins (35G) - Complete "Black Ice" Spec-Ops mission on Veteran
      Skilled Negotiator (25G) - Complete "Negotiator" Spec-Ops mission on Veteran
      EMPressive... (30G) - Complete "Kill Switch" Spec-Ops mission on Veteran

    Halo series

    • Halo: Reach
      If They Came to Hear Me Beg (25G) - Assassinate an Elite where you survive a fatal fall
      A Monument to All Your Sins (150G) - Complete the campaign on Legendary alone

    • Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
      BEACHHEAD (10G) - Storm the beach at the beginning of "The Silent Cartographer" with no Marine deaths on at least Heroic
      GRENADIER (25G) - Escape the Map Room in "The Silent Cartographer" without firing a shot on at least Heroic
      Headhunter (50G) - Locate every skull
      Speed Reader (25G) - Complete "The Library" on Legendary in under 30 minutes
      That Just Happened (10G) - Complete "The Library" without dying on at least Heroic

    • Halo 4
      Lone Wolf Legend (90G) - Complete the campaign on Legendary alone
      Protect This House (25G) - In a Ricochet match, assassinate the ball carrier less than 5 meters from your goal

    • Halo 5: Guardians
      Gravelord (40G) - Found all the skulls
      Hunt the Truth (40G) - Found all the Intel
      Lone Wolf (100G) - Complete every level on Legendary alone
      Harbinger (10G) - Complete "Harbinger" on Legendary without any of the Fireteam dying

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection

    • Halo 1
      Megg (10G) - Find the Megg Easter Egg on the Pillar of Autumn
      Pacifist (10G) - Finish "The Silent Cartographer without: Shooting, throwing a grenade, throwing a punch, dying, or restarting
      Get Me Out of Here! (5G) - Ride the Pelican at the start of "343 Guilty Spark"
      No Smoking (5G) - Look at Keyes' Pipe for several on seconds when you find him during "Keyes"
      Thirsty Grunt (5G) - Listen to the Grunt during "The Maw"
      T-Rex (10G) - Find the hidden Rex sign during "The Maw"

    • Halo 2 Anniversary
      The Return of Megg (20G) - Discover the Megg Easter Egg during "Cairo Station"
      Rex Sword (10G) - Equip the secret Energy Sword during "Outskirts"
      Scarab Lord (20G) - Equip the Scarab Gun during "Metropolis"
      GOOOAAAAALLLL! (10G) - Shoot the soccer ball during "Metropolis"
      Why So Serious (5G) - Find the smiley on the "Coagulation" map
      Sid Graffiti (5G) - Find "Sid" on the "Coagulation" map
      BLASTacular! (10G) - Find all six BLAST! cans from the remastered multiplayer maps
      10 Minutes Too Early (5G) - Find the holo-drone before the Heretic activates in during "The Oracle"
      HI BEN (5G) - Find the "HI BEN" Easter Egg during "Regret"
      He's Running a Marathon (5G) - Watch the opening scene of "Gravemind" on Legendary in Classic graphics
      Cowardly Grunt (5G) - Listen to the Grunt during Uprising
      Toybox (20G) - Find all the toys
      Trophy Collector (20G) - Find all the skulls
      Destination Vacation (5G) - See one of the special season signs on the classic version of the "Zanzibar" map

    • Halo 3
      Missing Link (5G) - Find the monkey family during "Sierra 117"
      Primate (5G) - Discover the second monkey location during "Sierra 117"
      Haplorrhini (5G) - Discover the final monkey location during "Sierra 117"
      Milk Carton (5G) - Find the Missing poster during "The Storm" or "Floodgate"
      Man on the Moon (5G) - Find a developer's face in the Moon on a Multiplayer map
      Hippo Hero (5G) - Find the Hippo, through Forge, on a Multiplayer map
      Brainpan (10G) - Find all of the hidden Multiplayer skulls
      Dirge of Madrigal (5G) - Trigger the hidden music cue during "The Covenant"
      Heading to His Destiny (5G) - Find the Jason Jones Easter Egg during "Halo"
      Witch Doctor (20G) - Find all the skulls during the campaign
      Cool Story Bro (5G) - Listen to the Final Grunt on "Halo"

    • Halo 3 ODST
      Saturday Morning Cartoon (5G) - Find the Cereal box while roaming New Mombasa
      One Way Ride (20G) - Complete any level on at least Heroic without using a health pack
      Classic (20G) - Finish any level on Legendary, by yourself, without firing a shot or throwing a grenade
      Just Sayin... I Ain't Dead (20G) Complete any level without dying on at least Heroic

    • Collection
      Throne of Bones (30G) - Find every skull across the entire series
      Legend (50G) - Complete every campaign on Legendary

    Final Fantasy VII
    Roundtable Destruction (Silver) - Obtain Knights of the Round
    A Feat of Meteoric Proportions (Gold) - Complete the game
    Ruby Render (Gold) - Defeat Ruby Weapon
    Emerald Eviscerator (Gold) - Defeat Emerald Weapon

    Mass Effect series

    • Mass Effect
      Medal of Valor (50G) - Complete the game on Insanity

    • Mass Effect 2
      Long Service Medal (75G) - Complete the game twice or with an imported Mass Effect 1 character
      No One Left Behind (75G) - Everyone survives the suicide mission
      Insanity (75G) - Complete the game on Insanity without changing the difficulty

    • Mass Effect 3
      Perfect Host (10G) - Throw a party for your friends
      Long Service Medal (50G) - Complete the game twice or with an imported Mass Effect 2 character
      Unwavering (50G) - Finish all Multiplayer maps on Gold OR complete every mission on Insanity
      Insanity (75G) - Finish the game on Insanity without changing the difficulty after leaving Earth

    Gears of War series

    • Gears of War: Judgment
      Respect for the Fallen (20G) - Find all 48 COG tags
      Superstar (50G) - Get every star on Insane
      Lion Heart (50G) - Complete the campaign on Insane
      Seriously Judgmental (75G) - Complete every Declassified mission on Insane

    • Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
      Whack-a-Grub (10G) - Close all 4 E-holes during "Fish in a Barrel" without a single Locust emerging
      For the Fallen (30G) - Find all 33 COG tags
      Commando (75G) - Complete all acts on Insane

    • Gears of War 2
      Completionist (30G) - Find all the collectibles
      Suicide Missionary (150G) - Complete the campaign on Insane
      Seriously 2.0 (50G) - Kill 100,000 enemies

    • Gears of War 3
      Remember the Fallen (15G) - Find all the COG tags
      Hoarder (15G) - Find all the collectibles
      That's Just Crazy (75G) - Complete all acts on Insane

    Horizon: Zero Dawn
    All Trophies Obtained (Platinum) - Self-explanatory

    Dishonored series

    • Dishonored
      Surgical (Silver) - Play from Coldridge Prison to Kaldwin Bridge killing less than 10
      Clean Hands (Gold) - Complete the game without killing anyone

    • Dishonored 2
      Clean Hands (Gold) - Complete the game without killing anyone

    Left 4 Dead series

    • Left 4 Dead
      Witch Hunter (20G) - Kill a Witch without her doing damage to anyone
      Tankbusters (20G) - Kill a Tank without it doing damage to anyone
      Stand Tall (20G) - Survive an entire campaign without being incapacitated
      Cr0wned (30G) - Kill a witch with a single headshot
      Man vs. Tank (30G) - Kill a Tank by yourself
      Do Not Disturb (20G) - Get past every Witch in a single campaign without her noticing you
      Unbreakable (30G) - Complete a campaign without being healed
      Safety First (30G) - Complete a campaign with NO friendly fire damage
      Untouchables (30G) - No one takes damage after contacting a rescue vehicle
      Zombie Genocidist (20G) - Kill 53,595 Infected
      Nothing Special (30G) - Complete a campaign without any survivor taking damage from a Special Infected

    • Left 4 Dead 2
      Guardin' Gnome (30G) - Carry the gnome through the entire Dark Carnival campaign
      Sob Story (30G) - Get through the Sugar Mill in the Hard Rain campaign without killing a single Witch
      Wing and a Prayer (30G) - Defend yourself without taking damage at the crashed airliner during the Swamp Fever campaign

    The Last of Us
    That's All I Got (Gold) - Listen to all of Ellie's Jokes

    DOOM (2016)
    Every Nook and Cranny (30G) - Find all the Collectibles
    Knee Deep in the Dead (100G) - Complete the campaign

    Dirt Nap (20G) - Kill 12 players in a single match on Dig Site
    Faded (20G) - Kill 12 players in a single match on War Games
    The Bigger They Are (30G) - Kill two titans as a pilot in a single match on Sandtrap

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    Ghost in the Cemetery (Silver) - Get through the Scotland cemetery without killing or being seen
    Peaceful Resolution (Silver) - After being marooned, leave everyone alive until you reach the Treasury
    I Can See My House From Here (Bronze) - Climb to the top of the Clock tower in the City
    Stage Fright (Bronze) - Just prior to the chase in the city, stand perfectly still for 30 seconds
    Best Score! (Bronze) - Get the high score in the retro video game

    Portal: Still Alive
    Out of the Blue (25G) - Only enter the Orange portal for an entire playthrough

  • @TokyoSlim play the Zero Escape games, they are basically beating the games, and they also happen to be my first and only two platinum's.

    Persona 5 will soon be the 3rd, I would have done it back in april when I finished my second playthrough, but I wasn't following a guide and I missed a very minor thing so I lost it.

  • Back in the day, I did all achievements in the original Nier for xbox 360. It involved a lot of grinding for materials I think to make or upgrade all weapons. Let´s just say something broke inside of me and today achievements are more a motivation to play a fun game a little bit more even without going all 100%.

  • @bard91 But then I'd have platinums.

  • @TokyoSlim I'm almost the same, except I have one platinum. It's for Telltale Walking Dead Season One. Just for finishing the game.

    I never understood the idea of trophies really, except as a guide perhaps for things to try and do in the game.

  • @Inustar Yeah. It's cool if someone is chasing them or whatever. I just don't really play that way. :)

    Dang millennials need a trophy for everything! /oldmanshakingfistatclouds

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    if my ID ever finish loading I'll put it in this thread! :)

  • I'm not really one for trophies/achievements myself. I do admit to going for one or two platinums in my time, but for the most part i'd simply much rather move on and experience the core of a brand new game, as opposed to doing a lot of the small fluff that most games require for 100% completion outside of the main story.

    I personally can't think of a single trophy or platinum that is memorable to me, for anything that was particularly challenging or time consuming, it's mostly been a case of "thank god for that" when it's popped lol. text

  • Cool, this card system is neat.

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  • Oh that's really cool that the card just links up

    SPUD_1231 PSN Profile

    Also I'm absolutely loving the stat that tells you how long it took to get a platinum or 100%

  • This is a gif that switches between Xbox, PSN and Steam every few sconds.

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  • Banned

    Currently working on the Platinum trophies for Horizon Zero Dawn and Final Fantasy XV. Pretty close to getting them. Just need to do some fishing and kill Adamantoise in XV, and do some endgame collecting stuff in Horizon.
    After that I'm going to focus on Ghost Recon Wildlands since I hear that one is pretty easy. Might also get the plat for Division if I can find anyone to do stuff in the Darkzone with me, since that is all I need.

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