Hall of Greats Compendium

    Credit to Chris Leroux for the graphics.


    **Nominees**		**Votes**

    Q1 2020; March 10

    World of Warcraft (Jones) 14
    DOOM (Ben) 11

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Huber) 6
    MegaMan Legends (Bosman) 5
    Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (Brad) 4
    Silent Hill 2 (Ian) 3
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Damiani) 3
    Guitar Hero II (Bloodworth) 2


    **Nominees**		**Votes**

    Q4 2019; Nov 19

    Counter Strike (Ben) 15
    Final Fantasy VII (Brad) 13

    Alien vs Predator (Don) 12
    Animal Crossing (Bloodworth) 3
    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (Ian) 2
    Marvel's Spiderman (Huber) 2
    Plants vs Zombies (Jones) 1
    Dungeons and Dragons (Bosman) (BAN until Q4 2020) 0

    Q3 2019; Aug 6

    The Last of Us (Huber) 8 (Patreon Vote)
    The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt (Bloodworth) 8 (Patreon Vote)

    Phantasy Star Online (Ben) 8
    Halo: Combat Evolved (Bosman) 6
    BioShock (Damiani) 6
    Burnout 3: Takedown (Don) 5
    Final Fantasy VII (Ian) 1

    Q2 2019; April 30

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Damiani) 14
    Super Mario Bros. 3 (Bosman) 12

    Final Fantasy IX (Ben) 10
    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Brad) 6
    WaveRace 64 (Don) 3
    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Huber) 3
    GoldenEye 007 (Jones) (BAN until Q2 2020) 0
    Dark Souls: Remastered (Ian) (BAN until Q2 2020) 0


    **Nominees**		**Votes**

    Q4 2018; Jan 23

    Bloodborne ("Fourth time is the Charm" - Ian Hinck) 13
    Portal (Jones) 11 (Patreon vote)

    God of War (2018) (Brad) 11
    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Bosman) 8
    Trials Fusion (The Don) 6
    The Last of Us (Huber) 3
    Pikmin (Ben) 2
    Deus Ex (Blood) **(BAN till Q4 2019)**0
    FTL: Faster Than Light (Damiani) (BAN till Q4 2019) 0

    Q3 2018; Sept 25

    Final Fantasy VI (Jones) 13
    Tetris (Kyle) 13

    Bloodborne (Brad) 9
    Mortal Kombat (2011)(The Don) 8
    Halo: Combat Evolved (Ben) 3
    Batman: Arkham City (Huber) 3
    Silent Hill 2 (Ian) 3
    Super Mario RPG (Damiani) 2
    Ms. Pac-Man (Blood) (BAN till Q3 2019) 0

    Q2 2018; June 26

    Metroid Prime (Damiani) 19
    Paper Mario: Thousand-Year Door (Ben) 12

    Silent Hill 2 (Ian) 8
    Dragon Quest VIII (Blood) 7
    Sim City 4 (The Don) 3
    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Brad) 2
    Grand Theft Auto V (Jones) 1
    Mega Man Legends (Kyle) The Bosman Accord Prevails 1
    Time Crisis 2 (Huber) 1

    Q1 2018; March 13

    Resident Evil 4 (Brad / Ian) 13
    Resident Evil (Remake) (Ben) 11

    The Witcher 3 (Huber) 9
    Dark Souls (Blood) 7
    Pandemonium (Don) 4
    Pong (Jones) 2
    Shadow of the Colossus (Damiani) 1
    Mega Man Legends (Kyle) 1
    Dungeon and Dragons (Ian) (BAN till Q1 2019) 0


    **Nominees**		**Votes**

    Q4 2017; December 12

    Chrono Trigger (Brad) 21
    Pokemon Red and Blue (Kyle) 8

    Mega Man X (Ben) 7
    Grand Theft Auto III (Jones) 7
    Streets of Rage 2 (Huber) 4
    Mario Maker (The Don) (BAN till Q4 2018) 3
    Journey (Bloodworth) (BAN till Q4 2018) 2
    Myst (Ian) "It's BEN" Saved 2
    Skyrim (Damiani) (BAN till Q4 2018) 0

    Q3 2017; August 22

    Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Damiani) 16
    Symphony of the Night (Ian) 11

    Final Fantasy IX (PC) (Kyle) 9
    Half-Life 2 (Jones) 5
    Portal (Bloodworth) 4
    The Last of Us (Huber) 4
    Xenoblade Chronicles (Ben) 3
    Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (The Don) (BAN till Q3 2018) 2
    DOOM (Brad) (BAN till Q3 2018) 0

    Q2 2017; May 23

    Super Mario 64 (Brad and Damiani) 15
    Street Fighter II (Bloodworth) 14

    Symphony of the Night (Ian) 12
    Dragon Quest VIII (Huber) 5
    Link’s Awakening DX (Kyle) 5
    World of Warcraft (Jones) (BAN till Q2 2018) 1
    Sim City (The Don) (BAN till Q2 2018) 1
    Valkyria Chronicles (Ben) 1

    Q1 2017; Feb 21

    Metal Gear Solid (Damiani) 10
    Super Metroid (Bloodworth) 9 (Patreon vote)

    Street Fighter II Turbo (Ben) 9
    Bloodborne (Ian) 3
    Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (The Don) 2
    Dark Souls (Brad) 1
    Golden Eye 007 (Jones) 1
    Mega Man Legends (Kyle) 1
    Resident Evil Remake (Huber) 0

    Thanks @Brannox and @Shaunak-Deshpande for additional updates.

  • This is super cool @edsortiz ! Thanks for putting it together!

  • Great initiative!!

    This also makes me realize that the next Hall of Greats stream should be in two weeks, HYPE!

  • Nice one! I've been doing the similar thing on another forum, listing the nominated games with the person who nominated it and then the points after the two HoG sessions we've seen, but seeing that timeline with the pictures is super cool. Thanks for this!

    The months that get to hold a HoG session seem somehow odd to me, but in a good way. I never manage to expect it to happen, it catches me by surprise. Like now August, it's suddenly ahead.

  • Thanks!
    @Sentinel-Beach sorry, i searched before and didn't find a post on this.
    I am sure the reason the ToG are done during these months is to prevent it from being on December or January since many of the allies could be out of town during the holidays.

  • @edsortiz No no no, not here. No worries. On a Finnish forum, nowhere here in EZA.

  • There's more Japanese games to be added to the timeline.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Oh yea XD I have to get to it

  • Lord. I know I'm going to seem like a douche but these are such typically celebrated games. I guess that's the point. Also Super Mario World > Mario 64.

  • @ThyBlight Yes it is the point. Just like any sport hall of fame, the ones that usually come in first are the most celebrated players, so they are getting the OBVIOUS greats out of the way first. Its hard to choose games before this ones. After the first year and a couple more HoG you will start to see more "less celebrated" ones.

    And between SMW and 64 its a hard one.. both are highly influential games. My opinion: SMW is a 2d platforms.. I noticed that I think i've never finished a 2D platformer (besides metroids) because i just get unconsciously bored of falling and jumping.. and falling SOOOO many times... While playing New super mario bros for wii u I concluded that I suck at 2D mario platformers but with 3D platformers you could spend hours without doing anything and just exploring.. I think that Mario 64 had a bigger reach in bringing all type of players compared to SMW that, because of being a 2D platformer, is limited to gamers that like that genre of games.. for similar reasons i think a game like 64 holds up more in today's game.

  • @edsortiz It's true. Maybe I'm just antsy and want to get into the weirder ones. When I watch WWE Hall of fames it's always really cool to see characters with the most Heart getting in than the obvious choices like Hogan or Ricky Steamboat. Maybe I just want more episodes faster, haha :P

    I should count my blessings though; at least it's not once a year.

    You gotta keep playing to get good; and judging any 2d platformer based on New Super Mario bros isn't a good metric since that game pales in comparison to SMW and SMB3.

    I absolutely disagree that 64 holds up better. In fact I'd go so far as to say that sprite-based games almost always hold up better than 3d rendered games – especially of the 64 bit era. I find 64 is barely playable due to such poor graphics, which was one of the biggest selling points for most 64 games at the time of release. The only thing 64 bit games tend to have, in my opinion, is nostalgia. Mario 64 had damn good level design, but it pales in comparison to how well crafted Super Mario World and Super Mario 3 were.

  • @ThyBlight You are right when comparing sprite graphics and 3d 64 era graphics.. super nintendo game do hold up better and also comparing the NSM Bros with Super mario world... But at the end .. we are comparing a Mona Lisa with a The Starry Night.. at least for me XD.. They are all GREATS! (except New Super Mario World Wii U... -.-

  • @edsortiz Yeah, that game isn't very good.

    I understand that different horses are for different coarses, but man was this wild stallion build for the that perfect sprint-and-jump mechanic you can achieve in Super Mario World. I always find 64 to be slow an clunky comparatively. Also, again, SMW is prettier and less empty feeling.

  • @edsortiz Oh, and thank you SO MUCH for the upvotes. I'm so tired of the ten minute timer that I keep stumbling onto!!!

    Welp! There it goes.... I'll have to wait 600 seconds to post this until I have more Karma or whatever this forum calls it... -_-

  • No problem :) i didnt know about that O.O

  • @ThyBlight Some weird ones are being nominated at least (usually by Don) but yeah, we just gotta wait a bit until the big boys are in their rightful place. Have some upvotes, by the way.

    @edsortiz yeah, the upvote timer got enacted because we were getting flooded by spam on a massive level every day. It's been gone for awhile thankfully.

  • On the subject of certain games getting in, you also need to take the Allies themselves into account. Their preferences will get in before anything else. MGS, Ocarina of Time, SM64, and Castlevania are clear indicators as each I think are one of the Allies' favorite games of all time. I know Mr. Bosman has MGS #1 and I know Mr. Jones has stated on the record that OoT is the greatest game ever made. Mr. Damiani, I need to be double-checked on this one, said either OoT or SM64 was his favorite game of all time. I don't think SotN is Mr. Hinck's favorite game of all time with Bloodborne and Dark Souls out there, but I know from all of the content I've seen with Mr. Hinck discussing games, I think he talks about Bloodborne ONLY more than SotN.

    As for Super Metroid and Super Street Fighter, of course the Allies think they're phenomenal, but I don't know if either is any of the Allies' absolute favorite.

    Also, look at the time frame: 98, 94, 96, 94, 98, 97. This is also a clear indicator that time period is also going to be a common denominator for games getting in. With that being said, over the course of the next 6 or 7 Hall of Greats streams, you should expect some of the following getting in:

    GTA IV
    GTA V
    Metroid Prime
    Halo 2
    Halo 3
    Resident Evil 4
    Mass Effect 2
    The Legend of Zelda
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    Super Mario Bros.
    Super Mario Galaxy
    Red Dead Redemption
    Final Fantasy VI
    Final Fantasy VII
    Final Fantasy IX
    Final Fantasy Tactics
    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

  • @edsortiz You've just about pushed me over the edge on your lonesome! Sweet, hahaha! 1 Karma left!

    Yeah, apparently you can only post once every 10 minutes until you have 5 Karma.

  • @Brannox
    I cannot wait to hear Bosman denounce Bioshock despite how much I friggin' love that game. I just love hearing him diss games that I like.

    I'm actually surprised that Jones hasn't brought in Red Dead yet.

  • @SabotageTheTruth
    Man I love Don's picks. I actually want that Jurassic Park Game now. Though with the new one coming I think I'll just wait it out for that. Still, though, he brings such unique choices in!