The EZA Dungeons & Dragons Community Thread

  • Easy Ally

    Hello everyone! I've heard numerous people say that they would love to play D&D but they don't have a group to do it with. I've decided to make this thread to encourage our community to get together and play online. It's very easy to do. All you need is something like Google Hangouts or Skype, a Roll20 account, and a copy of the official rules. Of course, you don't have to play 5th edition D&D. You can play whatever tabletop game you want.

    It would be great if we could have several groups going on at the same time. One for beginners, another for inexperienced players, etc. Because I'm already tied up with Patron D&D and TTE, I won't be joining in on the adventures, but I'd be happy to help facilitate as much as possible. If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I'll try to check in on this thread regularly.

    Here are some links that I think are useful for getting started:

    Roll20 -
    5th edition basic rules -
    A beginner's guide to 5th edition -

    I hope more people get to experience the joy of Dungeons & Dragons because of this. If you are a tabletop veteran, please jump in and take charge.


  • I know a few people had attempted to get something like this going a few months back here. Judging by no comments on the thread for several months, it's probably fair to assume it kinda fell by the wayside. Maybe with some facilitation by the master himself, we can keep the interest afloat.

    I myself have a schedule that fluctuates constantly. I'd love to join in but I know asking to "meet" at a different time/day each week is asking quite a lot out of a group. I guess I'm just here for moral support?

  • Easy Ally

    I totally missed that thread. Sorry! Not trying to step on anyone's toes.

    Scheduling is definitely going to be the trickiest part. Maybe the first group could plan for early December, which would allow a decent amount of time to get things in order.

  • @BenMoore No worries Ben, that thread has been buried by months of inactivity. I was mostly just pointing it out because someone had gone to the trouble of creating a Google doc with various member's schedules, which may be helpful if the info is still accurate.

  • Easy Ally

    @SabotageTheTruth A Google Doc with schedules is an excellent idea. Happy to put one together once we get some more activity in this thread.

  • Right on, I'd love to see this get off the ground.

  • Hi everyone! I'd love to give this a shot! Let me know if anyone is in need of a player.

  • We talked about this over on Neogaf Ben and I think it's an awesome idea. As I mentioned over there it might be interesting to get something play by post instead of live going since the main issue with these always seems to be conflict of timezones and lifestyles. I wanted to participate in the one a few months back, but was really busy at the time.

  • There also was this thread, where at least me and a few others got together and are currently playing using roll 20. The thread isn't really active but I thought it'd be good to mention.

  • Would absolutely love to play some DnD. Have always wanted to play, but my friends were never really into the idea. I would love something for beginners!

  • We actually did put together a roll20 campaign from the old thread, still going! Glad to get more exposure to the idea on the forums and Patreon. Thanks Ben!

  • I'm mildly interested. The one issue I have is just getting time to do it.

  • I'm very interested, I just am curious of the time commitment. I'll look into the rules and guide for now anyways.

  • I'd love to play D&D with some people! But knowing everyone's timezones would probably be best maybe?

  • Time zones, schedule, previous experience, and access to materials like the rulebook are definitely a must for the doc once it's created.

  • One question to those that have been running active campaigns through d20 and the like, is there any way to archive these adventures? I ask because I'm assuming most of us watch Tabletop Adventures Escapades, but additional adventures to view could be a lot of fun. Plus, that always leads to potential crossovers or campaigns set in the same world, etc.

  • Easy Ally

    @SabotageTheTruth I use a program called SnagIT to easily archive videos, but OBS works just as well in most instances. I can help people if needed.

    If people want to publicize their adventures, we can create another thread just for viewing.

  • I would be very interested in a 1-3 shot campaign at a beginner level and seeing how that goes.

  • I'm also interested in joining a D&D adventure but as im living in EU (gmt +1) this might make it even harder, lucky i'm very flexible when it comes to scheduling.
    i have only played very little PnP, but have played a lot of games using the D&D rules so i would consider myself an experienced player.

    I do have a concern about getting a DM, i'm seeing this as a hard part of getting a group going.

  • I'm very much up for it, I'm currently DM a campaign at work, and I would love to have a character in a campaign.