Persona 5 is absolutely my most anticipated game right now! Which is kind of weird because if you asked me in January, i wouldn't have cared at all. And this is simply because i had never played a persona game before. But in February that all changed. See right after GT closed i was bored and a longing for some sort of attachment to the old GT crew, so i decided to pick up Persona 4 on PSN after i had heard Ben constantly give it such high praise. I trusted Ben, but was a bit worried because for the longest time i wasn't really that into JRPGs. I don't really know why but they just never really connected with me before. But that all changed. I was very quickly hooked to Persona 4. I loved it. The story, the characters, the relationships, Inaba, the music, the dungeons, the list goes on! It quickly became one of my All time favourites. As soon as i finished i watched the anime, which is also fantastic. Got my friend to play, and he loved it. Then about 2-3 weeks after i finished i bought a Vita, then played through it again! I was so desperate to spend more time with those characters that i just had to play Golden after only playing the PS2 version. All of the additions to Golden are stellar, and i am very happy having invested in a Vita. I then Played Arena and am currently playing Arena Ultimax and Dancing all Night before starting Persona 3 portable which i just picked up on a sale. Persona 5 looks to have raised the bar for the franchise in almost every conceivable way. The combat looks vastly improved. Tokyo looks like it has so much more to offer than any previous town. And It looks Gorgeous! Of course it is hard to judge what the characters will be like and what the Social link system will be like this time, just from what they have shown us so far. But of course the teams reputation proceeds them and i am positive everything we don't know will be excellent. Waiting until February will indeed be tough, but i am also a bit glad. The end of 2016 will be busy so it gives me time to catch up before investing at least 60 hours, probably more, into P5. It will also be about a Year after i first played P4, which kinda just feels right! My heart is literally beating with anticipation just writing this post. Ben if you read this, i can't thank you enough for introducing me to this franchise.